Bliss Carmxn is the current project of Canadian-born writer and musician Adam Kaasa, artist on Wicked Hag records in Berlin. His first solo single ‘Powder’ was released 24 January 2020.

Bliss Carmxn confronts queer doubt and depression on the breathy and relentless new single ‘Powder’ from Wicked Hag records in Berlin.

Bliss leaves us with a charged mantra: ‘I’m removing the powder’.

Channelling ‘Body Talk’ era Robyn and Brazilian Forró powerhouse Banda Calypso ‘Powder’ is a dream-pop synth-powered tale about all the voices who told you you can’t, and about all the false promises – everlasting love, meritocracies, hope just around the corner – that we eat up to think we can.

‘Salt, sugar, drugs, make-up, protein shakes, carbs, pharmaceuticals, vitamins…Powder is the thing we use to cope, it’s the thing we take off to be real, and the thing we realise is all we have.’
Bliss’ latest release ‘A Blue Blissmas’ (2019) is an  xmas mixtape -/ ft. four original holiday songs. It’s pure queer prairie soul, meets disco diva blues. Two piano ballads open - with ‘A Christmas Minute’ about the grief of tradition and ‘The Warmth of a Sweater’ reminding that the ‘cold’ comes in all shapes and sizes. It ends with two disco synth-pop tunes, ‘Xmas Present’ about the anxiety of love=gifts, and ‘Frost Me’ the ghost of someone’s Xmas future as a line dance to keep us warm on those long dark cold winter nights.

Club banger ‘Call Me By My Name’ is out on the compilation album ‘Peak Shame’ (2019) with Wicked Hag records. Hip bopperAlone Together' appears on Wicked Hag records' second release, ‘Crush Fiction’ (2017).

Bliss' music is unashamed dream-pop with electro, disco and folk roots. Composed on the piano, the songs are intimate explorations of love and loss, of sex and ambition, of home and kinship. The vocal melodies melt like honey on cactus leaves next to swimming pools of deep bass above shaking bubble-gum beats. Bliss is a queer performer, a prairie soul, an all you can eat buffet.

He performs live as a solo act, and collaborates across performance and dance-theatre, most recently at The Rose Hill in Brighton and The Chateau and The Glory in London. He performed in Stefan Jovanovíc’s  ‘Constellations’ at Sadler’s Wells Theatre (2019). 

Demo releases include 'This Is Me' (EP, 2017) written, performed, recorded and produced in a week in April 2017. ‘Tile’ (2016) is a two-part project transcribing mosaic tile patterns from Eastbourne, UK and from Hamilton, Canada into two four-song albums.

He works between London and Berlin.

Photography and Post-Production: Jonathan Leung IG: @jeyl_y


‘New Queer, New Me’, Amersham Arms, New Cross, London
2 February 2020


WERK in Progress, The Glory, London
26 November 2019

WERK in Progress, The Glory, London
12 November 2019

The Rose Hill, Brighton 3 July 2019
The Chateau, London 4 July 2019

Constellations, Sadler’s Wells, London
6-8 June 2019

The Telegraph at the Earl of Derby, Peckham, London
21 February 2019

WERK in Progress, The Glory, London
5 February 2019

WERK in Progress, The Glory, London
20 November 2018

Open Mic, Babel Art House, London
1 November 2018

Radical Togetherness, Siobhan Davies Dance, London
20 October 2018

Tarot Oracle Dance, Velvet Fools, Testbed1, London
27 October 2017

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