Bliss Carmxn is a queer performer, a non-binary dancing soul, an all you can eat buffet.

Bliss's music is unashamed dream-pop with electro, disco and folk roots. Composed on the piano, the songs are explorations of love and loss, of sex and ambition, of home and kinship.

Everything Is Powder EP includes the solo single Powder with remixes from Berlin-based performance artist Mad Kate , and queer-feminist London duo CRISP&CLASSY and is out 11 September 2020.

Previous releases include club banger Call Me By My Name out on the compilation album Peak Shame (2019) and Alone Together on the compilation album crush fiction (2017), both with Wicked Hag.

The vocal melodies melt like honey on cactus leaves, and float above swimming pools of deep bass and bubble-gum beats. Bliss is the current project of Canadian-British writer and musician Adam Kaasa, artist on Wicked Hag records in Berlin.

Bliss is based in London.